The Parkview Museum, Beijing, China

01.05. – 17.09.2017

Alois Mosbacher, Wang Luyan, Gianni Dessi‘

Curated by Lorand Hegyi

L10,D Tower, Parkview Green, No. 9, Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District. Beijing. China(10020)

The Parkview Museum


Zur Ausstellung:

„The Parkview Museum Beijing is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition Bridging Asia-Europe, a contemporary art exhibition featuring works by Wang Luyan (China), Gianni Dessi’ (Italy) and Alois Mosbacher (Austria), artists represented in the contemporary art collection of George Wong. To build a bridge linking East and West, this exhibition creates an interactive dialogue between artists from three different countries in order to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the specific aesthetic and artistic values, traditions and languages within different cultural contexts. The exhibition, curated by the internationally acclaimed curator and art historian Lorand Hegyi, will be heldfrom 1 May to 17 September.

This exhibition is structured around a personal presentation of each artist’s oeuvre: with no preference for any medium, methodological direction, orartistic tendency, each installment of the exhibition showcases the different visual elements through which each artist addresses specific contemporary narratives while representing the universal character of humanity and the existential quest.

Wang Luyan’s linear, drawing-like, precisely executed, impersonal and mechanical paintings seem to avoid any emotional, lyrical, anecdotic subject matter as they unveil the irrational, pathologic, self-destructive tendencies behind the seemingly rational and controlled systemsof power. Gianni Dessi’s paintings and sculptures reveal the thinker’s deep existential angst of losing himself in the obscurity and chaos of reality, of losing his voice and artistic capability to shape his images, of losing his ability to create suggestive metaphors of life. Alois Mosbacher’s paintings embody mysterious, confused, labyrinth-like spaces, forests and fields with trees, flowers, and plants: awhole vegetative richness permanently transforming itself into a chaotic, irrational, irritating world of darkness where probabilities andim probabilities are mixing with each other and creating aplayful uncertainty.

BridgingAsia-Europe offers a complex,rich, deep, suggestive andperhaps somewhat disturbing, moving vision aboutbasic existential questions ofhuman direction in contemporary reality, throughthe power of the singular, unique, imaginaryworlds created by the artists ofour time.“

Quelle: The Parkview Museum